Sunday, November 9, 2014

S'mores Macarons

leaves and flours vegan sweet maresa's s'mores macarons

I have been having trouble letting go of summer. I keep going outside without enough layers to keep me warm. Pretending that a cardigan or a sweater will be enough. I am not ready for these short, short, short days and all the darkness. My bones shake at the thought of snow. Winter is always a rough time for me. I have the tendency to hide in my bedroom and ignore the encouragements of friends to go out. I just want to burrow under blankets and watch endless hours of TV and not come out of my sad stupor until the spring. I am fighting these early signs of seasonal anxiety. Walking around outside, even if if just for a few minutes, to try and soak up as much vitamin D as I can. Remembering to wear socks & a scarf, and tucking an extra layer in my bag even if I think I won't need it. Avoiding sad music and books and films. Reaching out to friends and holding myself accountable for keeping all the dates I schedule. Writing postcards and quick notes to all the friends I miss, scattered across the country, to let them know just how important they all are to me.

leaves and flours vegan sweet maresa's s'mores macarons

These s'mores macarons were a going away present from my former housemate Carrie. She moved to Brooklyn right before I left DC, and sent these during a really stressful time. It's always such a nice surprise to have a really thoughtful gift show up. I have been obsessed with Maresa's macarons for some time and have written about them before here. I gushed about them repeatedly and convinced Carrie to split at least one order from their shop with me. I didn't think the almond macaron could be topped, but this s'mac was quite possibly the best treat I have ever eaten. They are charcoal shells, filled with toasted marshmallow, dipped in chocolate, and then sprinkled with cinnamon & molasses infused graham crumble. Maresa isn't shipping these delicate babies, so you'll have to visit New Paltz or head out to a Vegan Shop-Up to be graced with this particular piece of heaven. However, you can order all sorts of other magical flavors of macarons on the Lagusta's Luscious website! Now that I'm a few hours closer to the shop, I am planning a trip as soon as I can. Probably on a Tuesday so I can snag an eclair too!


  1. i'm dying to try a macaron that i like-- i love the idea + look of them but i'm always disappointed. looks like i'll have to try some rose or lavender ones from lagusta's!

  2. I'm so lazy during fall and winter mornings, but I enjoy the cold. Cloudy skies, rain/ thunderstorms, I live for these seasons. They are definitely perfect for a nice day indoors with movies and hot chocolate.
    It's good that you still try to be around friends during these seasons, and how sweet of your friend giving you macarons. Those macs look scrumptious by the way! I recently went to San Francisco and tried some for the very first time. I tried a Mexican hot chocolate macaron and a chocolate one. Which do you think are best, the fruit flavor macarons or the sweets like chocolate, caramel, etc?

    1. I had to think long and hard about this, and I have decided that I fall somewhere in the middle. I am attracted to all sorts of flavors. Her rhubarb almond was one of my favorites, but so was the caramel pecan one I had. As the rest of my life has indicated, it's impossible for me to make a decision. :)