Sunday, September 30, 2012

September Vegan Food Swap

This was the first time that I participate in Cat of The Verdant Life's vegan food swap. I am really glad that it went as swimmingly as I had imagined.

My package came from Dianne of Veggie Girl. My favorite morning tea is Tazo Awake, so I was really excited to try to the Tazo Focus. The flavors were really nice. I took most of the bags to work to enjoy in the cool mornings. I was really interested in the Teecino as well. I knew of a few friends who drink herbal, caffeine free coffees, but hadn't ever given it a chance. The flavors were really nice, and I didn't feel the urge to add any milk or sugar like I normally do with coffee. It will also go really nicely with the marzipan filled chocolate, just sayin'.

I love Sweet & Sara's marshmallows, and am a huge fan of their rice crispy treats! I was really glad to find one in my little package. There was also a package of their rocky road bark. While it was pretty tasty, I am not sure that I would buy it for myself again. You just can't beat their rice crispy treats.
I haven't had a chance to try the powdered peanut butter, PB2. But I am definitely intrigued. I think I might try to incorporate it into some peanut butter cupcakes or frosting to see if I can make it even more peanut buttery! I also think it might be really nice on some savory tofu.
If you want to participate in the Vegan Food Swap, you can join here! You need to sign up by October 5th. And it will be the last one for the year, so you might as well join!


  1. I read on Dianne's page about her package to you. It is cool to see your impressions.
    I definitely want to know what you think of the PB2 I've seen many people talking about it, but I've never tried it.

  2. What a great package! I love the PB2 I definitely prefer using it in baked goods versus eating it on toast :)