Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Campfire Bars

The whole beginning of the week was a buzz of snow anticipation. There were all sorts of magical predictions. I heard everything from five inches to a foot of snow was going to settle down on DC. I was baking tons of extra loaves of bread to keep up with the demand at the grocery store. Even I, the winter humbug, was starting to get excited about this snow storm. I stocked up on library books & flour and even splurged on two new boxes of tea in anticipation of spending my day off bundled under blankets watching movies and playing games with my housemates. I could practically smell the cinnamon buns. Today was not a real snow day. It snowed a lot, but nothing stuck and everything went along just as normal. I begrudgingly put on my boots and grabbed an umbrella and walked to my tax appointment to find that the office was closed. And no one bothered to call or email. After I walked home I changed into my gym clothes, only to receive an email that all the classes had been canceled for the remainder of the day. At least they emailed? These campfire bars are a lot like my "snow day". I had pretty high expectations, but they turned out to be lackluster and frustrating. Browsing around on the internet it looks like they have worked for almost everyone else except me. I think the culprit is the vegan marshmallows. While delicious, they don't melt quite like their gelatin-based counterparts. Because their was no gooey marshmallow coating all the bits of graham crackers and granola, my jar mix never actually formed bars. In the height of my frustration I did eat all the bits of marshmallow and a few Earth Balance soaked chunks of graham cracker.

leaves and flours vegan campfire bars leaves and flours vegan campfire bars leaves and flours vegan campfire bars

After trying to finagle the two new flavors into my stash, I have also come to the brutal realization that I might have too much tea. I think I am close to 30 or 40 boxes & a few bags of loose tea. At one point this afternoon their was an avalanche from the cabinet when I removed a box (no, I was never good at Jenga). I am always itching to try a lot of new varieties, but end up with many boxes that I will never finish. So if anyone is ever interested in a tea swap, I am all ears! You probably shouldn't enable me, but I am also always open to tea suggestions! I am largely a black tea fan. But I also love rooibos, white, & all sorts of herbal tea. I will drink green tea occasionally, but it's towards the bottom of the list. What are your favorites?


  1. I don't know, those bars look pretty awesome to me... Of course, you could melt marshmallows on top of a pile of twigs and I'd want to eat it.

    Also a tea junkie here! Right now I'm loving Celestial Seasoning's new lemon-ginger tea... They've got some funky name for it that I've forgotten at the moment, but it's really tasty.

  2. these look so delicious.
    i have not had tea in so long, i miss it.