Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Tin Roof Sundae & Chocolate Milk

leaves and flours vegan

Aside from Just Like Honey & Ricemellow Creme, I have found a third product that I really love from Suzanne's, their Chocolate Rice Nectar . The easiest thing to liken it to is Hershey's syrup. It's thick and pourable. It's smooth and chocolatey and sweet. The best part is it doesn't contain high fructose corn syrup, potassium sorbate, vanillin, and other artificial flavors. Their rice nectar is just brown rice syrup and cocoa powder. It stirs into almond milk to make chocolate milk, much like Hershey's syrup. The chocolate syrup also makes a great topping, in case you too wanted to make a sundae. A tin roof sundae is generally vanilla ice cream, chocolate syrup, and spanish peanuts. I didn't have any spanish peanuts around, so I just used what was lying around in my cabinets. I also used Luna & Larry's Vanilla Island coconut ice cream. It is currently my favorite store-bought vanilla ice cream. Homemade will always be better.

leaves and flours vegan leaves and flours vegan leaves and flours vegan

I know it's a little late for spring cleaning, but I have been feeling that urge strike me. Maybe it's just because people are moving in and out of my house again. Maybe it's because I am feeling a little too cluttered. Last night I finally hung up some of the artwork I have had leaning against a wall since January. This week I am hoping to clean out my closets and get rid of all the clothes I never wear anymore, or don't fit, or bought intending to alter but won't get to. I also want to clean out the kitchen cabinets and donate all the pans and dishes we don't need.
I feel like I have to purge a lot of my possessions about once a year to keep myself from gathering way too many unnecessary objects. In the last week I have been given a second ice cream machine and a milkshake machine! While neither of those are going anywhere, I also have at least one broken blender, a griddle I have never used, and two panini presses.
There is a shed full of bicycle parts that haven't seen daylight in years. They have been stacked in there with half used bottles of spray paint and gardening equipment since several seasons before I moved in. I am hoping to tackle it all. Let's hope I can keep up this motivation to get further than just reorganizing the spice rack again.

leaves and flours vegan
This week I have also cleaned up my Google Reader finally too. I decided to switch to Bloglovin, since I have heard a few dissapointing things about the way pictures look in Feedly. I pared down my reading list and am hoping to feel a little less overwhelmed when I unplug from my computer for a few days in a row. If you want to join me on Bloglovin, you can do so here!


  1. I'm on a sugar diet at the moment, I can't eat as many sweets as I'd like to. :(

    Spring cleaning has hit me late as well. My boyfriend and I have been getting rid of clothes we don't wear or want anymore along with other things. Saves us laundry money too!


  2. you know how i feel about spring cleaning— it's appropriate all year round. i did a closet purge recently and i'm taking it a step farther by putting everything on one side of the closet after i hang it up from washing. so eventually everything on the other end of the closet will only be things i don't wear and then i will get rid of it all. *hopefully*

    this sauce looks amazing— i bet my boss would be into it since it sounds all natural and free of everything she is allergic to. also, i am loving that moody, dramatic fourth photo so much!