Friday, November 2, 2012

October Vegan Food Swap

This was the second time that I have participated in Cat of The Verdant Life's vegan food swap. I am really glad that it went as swimmingly as I had imagined again. My package came from from Leslie of Eat4Health. It might have been a little tricky for someone advocating healthy diets to compose a package for someone with as big of a sweet tooth as me, but she did great!

I got two chocolate bars, which I am tucking away to bake with. I also got several great snacks that I have been putting in my lunch box most days. I hadn't tried the edamame goji berry combination before, and was pretty pleased with the mixture. I love the strawberry fruit leathers. I have been trying to ration them to one a day, but it would be too easy to eat the whole box at once. I got two Builder Bars which I ate for breakfast the last two days with some fruit. I have a long, early morning commute, so it's always nice to have something that I can eat while driving that will also keep me full for a few hours. I knew that I like the chocolate peanut butter bar, but also got to try a chocolate mint one for the first time. I was glad that the mint wasn't too overwhelming like I thought it might be. My favorite part of the package was defeinitely the Enjoy Life Seed & Fruit mix. It was so good! I love their mini chocolate chips, so throwing in some pumpkin and sunflower seeds and dried apples and cranberries can only make it better. I am sure that it would be great in a trail mix muffin. But that would mean I would have to stop eating the bag a handful at a time in the very near future!
If you want to participate in the Vegan Food Swap, you can join here! This was the last swap for 2012, so you will have to check back in January if you want to join!

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  1. Yay! Glad you liked it! This one was difficult for me, as my favorites are spicy!