Thursday, November 17, 2011

Cake for Breakfast

I am firm proponent of breakfast, brunch, and breakfast for dinner. I love sleepy weekend mornings, when I can bake waffles and tempeh bacon. But let’s face it, most mornings aren’t that simple. So when I need a fast breakfast, I normally stick to oatmeal. It’s not only fairly nutritious, but more importantly, it keeps me from getting hungry again before lunch. I love this cookie dough oatmeal cake recipe by Chocolate Covered Katie. I normally bake them two at a time in 6” tart pans the night before.
The cake you see here has mini chocolate chips, a hint of cinnamon, and is topped with Soyatoo whip cream. If you have extra time, I highly suggest making your own whip cream from chilled coconut milk!

vegan cookie dough oatmeal cake

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  1. I seriously want to make every single thing that you post! I love your blog!