Friday, November 25, 2011

Cashew Cream Pear Tarts

Hannah Kaminsky is one of my favorite bloggers & cookbook authors. My Sweet Vegan is a cookbook you should definitely consider buying. My two favorite recipes from the book are the root beer float cupcakes and this tart. I made four 4" tarts from the recipe for an annual thanksgiving night vegan dessert potluck that was hosted at my house. These are also gluten and soy free.
I soaked the cashews for a few hours before blending them to make it a little easier on the food processor. I also subbed almond milk for water and vanilla bean paste for extract. Vanilla beans make everything look better. It's fool proof! Next time I make this I will probably top it with raw berries.
leaves and flours vegan cashew cream tart

I am almost done washing all the dishes and sweeping away all the crumbs of pie crust. Do you have any fun thanksgiving traditions?

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  1. Your mini tarts are beautiful! I love your adaptation to make smaller treats, that would be such a great idea for little gatherings (or saving some for breakfast the next day...) :)