Monday, November 28, 2011

Nog Cupcakes

I don't really remember what eggnog tastes like, but I remember it being really thick and creamy. While I have always enjoyed drinking Silk's line of holiday drinks, the Silk nog just doesn't have the consistency that I want. I was so excited when I first found So Delicious coconut milk nog. The texture is perfect, and it tastes great. It's sweet and satisfying enough that I only want to drink a tiny glass and not the whole quart.
I have baked with both Silk nog and coconut milk before and thought that this epic combination would be even better. My experiment didn't prove to be necessarily true. I adapted the vanilla cupcake recipe from VCTOTW by using a cup of coconut nog in place of soy milk and adding a dash of nutmeg. The cake turned out really dense, the bottom was dark brown before the top was fully baked, and the taste wasn't quite what I was hoping for.
I also made a nog frosting using shortening, coconut nog, powdered sugar, nutmeg, vanilla bean paste, and a bit of flour to thicken it. I don't have any measurements because I made it on a whim, just tossing things in until I got the right consistency and taste. The coconut nog worked much, much better in the frosting than in the cake. I piped these with a Wilton 1M tip.
They might not have been up to my standards, but at least they looked pretty.

leaves and flours coconut nog cupcakes

Have you baked with coconut nog? Did you have a similar experience or was yours a success?

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  1. I have yet to try the coconut nog, but now I am curious! These cupcakes sound delicious and they are lovely :)!