Tuesday, February 14, 2012


leaves and flours vegan brioche

There is nothing that I crave more than bread. It's so satisfying and filling. I've been really interest in homemade breads lately. The loaves at grocery stores are rarely milk, honey, and corn syrup free, so I thought it would be best to do it myself. And if I am going to make bread, then I want it to be something really rich.
I had seen Celine's brioche recipe in the summer, but didn't have a standing mixer with a dough hook. I have been patiently biding my time, and now I can make it as frequently as I want. Granted, this bread is no after thought. There is almost a day in preparation as you must let it refrigerate for several hours. I made my dough in the evening and let it chill overnight, because the smell of bread baking makes for a really wonderful morning.
Not only was the bread delicious alone, but it made amazing stuffed french toast. I used a silken tofu batter full of spices and vanilla bean and stuffed it with a cream cheese & strawberry mixture. This picture does not do the taste of the stuffed toast justice. The hint of coconut in the bread works really well with the other french toast flavors.

leaves and flours vegan brioche stuffed french toast

If you love bread, then I highly recommend this recipe. It isn't challenging, and only takes a little patience due to the chilling time. Do you make your own breads?

leaves and flours vegan brioche


  1. Yuuuuum! And what a pretty picture, too!

  2. I have been DYING to try a brioche recipe! However, I don't own a dough hook... that may be an issue. This looks too delicious!

  3. i love that silver tray so much! i have never made brioche but i have baked homemade bread before and it is just the best!

  4. This looks so elegant! Do you think the bread recipe would work in a bread machine?

    Also, cream cheese and strawberry mixture...recipe please? :-) (or is just literally cream cheese and strawberries?)

    1. I haven't ever used a bread machine, so I'm not sure how it would turn out.

      The filling was literally just Tofutti cream cheese and sliced strawberries. I mixed them together and let them sit while I made the french toast for the strawberry juice to seep out. When I spooned it into the warm french toast it melted just enough!

  5. that looks really good! here is my favorite bread recipe:
    it turns out so good for me unless its REALLY humid. and only 4 ingredients! it's a perfect basic bread.
    we also make this alot:
    with agave nectar and earth balance. it is sweet and AWESOME and super easy. i eat it for desert with some jelly on top.