Friday, October 19, 2012

Cider Poached Pear Sorbet

leaves and flours vegan cider poached pear sorbetleaves and flours vegan cider poached pear sorbet leaves and flours vegan cider poached pear sorbet

Originally when I made my first "to do" list for this intense month, I placed poached pears on it. A few weeks later, I had seen so many baked fruit dishes on the internet that I got a little less interested. I spent the evening yesterday skimming through a few cookbooks, and saw a recipe for Cider Pear Sorbet in Hannah's Vegan a la Mode. I knew this was the perfect way to still poach my pears but also make a more interesting dessert out of it. I used a local spiced cider and a mixture of Bosc and Red Anjou pears. I didn't peel my pears, because I wanted a bit of texture in the sorbet. The sorbet ended up a beautiful color, a light peachy pink with flecks of spices and pear. I loved it! If you are intending to share this with anyone besides yourself and maybe your best friend, then you should just go ahead & double the batch. You won't regret it.

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  1. I tried poaching pears once - I didn't get it. They tasted like canned pears. IDK maybe in sorbet it would be worth it!