Saturday, October 20, 2012

Fall Leaf Sugar Cookies

leaves and flours fall leaf sugar cookies
leaves and flours fall leaf sugar cookiesleaves and flours fall leaf sugar cookies
I saw these really adorable leaf cookies on HGTV. I knew that I had to make a batch of my favorite vegan sugar cookie dough and tint away. In retrospect, I wish I had went with a more maroon shade of red, because no matter how much red dye I added to the dough, it still baked up a bright shade of hot pink. Barbie would approve, but I do not. I also would have added either spices or extracts to the dough. I don't use dyes very often and I forget how bad most of them taste!
I am spending the weekend in Philadelphia. I am so excited to be away from DC for just a little bit again. Going home was nice, but it wasn't as relaxing as it could have been. So now it's time to eat pizza, go to a haunted house, and see a lot of friends! I was doing a really great job posting every day this month, but I think I might miss a day soon because I have been spending a lot more time working and doing things with friends than in the kitchen. But I won't stress about it. I never got a perfect attendance award in school, so why start now?!


  1. OH wow! These are soo pretty ! So original, I love them!

  2. Beautiful! The colors really set them apart from so many other (delicious but) drab, brown autumn treats. I'm sure kids would find them especially irresistible.