Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Pumpkin Bread

When I started MoFo, I didn't really know if I was going to have a theme. But last night I realized that I unintentionally created a theme. It's fall sweets. Apple, pumpkin, a little bit of pear, and a lot of spice. I might get wild and throw chocolate in there. Because I just can't break chocolate's allure for a whole month. No shame.

leaves and flours vegan pumpkin bread

There are two pumpkin bread recipes that I always end up back on. They are very, very similar. There's only slight difference in flour choice, a touch of maple syrup, and a bit more spice. Isa's pumpkin bread will never fail you. But if you love your pumpkin bread to be a bit more nutrient dense and have a spice profile reminiscent of gingerbread, then this recipe is for you. I sometimes make things even more convoluted, and make Isa's recipe but replace half of the flour with whole wheat. I didn't do it with those loaf because I was running low on supplies, but I definitely suggest you top the bread with a handful of pumpkin seeds. It adds a lot of beauty and a nice crunch to the crust.
This is the kind of bread that you eat on a rainy morning when you woke up at 4am. This is the kind of bread that you eat when it's the last morning you have to wake up before a mini vacation, where you get to fly home to Tennessee for your friend's wedding. When you are stressing about how everything will get done at work in your albeit brief absence, and whether you have jewelry to match your bridesmaid dress, and if the electric bill ever showed up this month or not? This is the kind of bread that will comfort you, calm down for a few minutes to savor the cool morning, and urge you to treat yourself to a really fancy cup of coffee. I did it, so you probably should too.


  1. That looks awesome. I love pumpkin bread!

  2. This bread looks great! I have been wanting to make lots of pumpkin baked goods. Your theme is right up my alley.

  3. I wasn't planning on going pumpkin crazy this year, but your bread looks so tempting that I might just have to. (Love the wooden table or whatever it is below the plate, too!)

  4. you WOULD post a wooden plate setting right after i fall in love with them! i'm not much for coconut but i love your pumpkin muffins so i'll have to try your go to recipes, i guess! i love the ones you make with flax seeds, yum!

    OBVIOUSLY i approve of this fall theme. are you going to make those apple streusel muffins? or maybe they are pear? i can't remember what you made but they were amazing. i am pretty sure it had apples baked in. it's been over 3 years since i had them and i can still remember the taste— perhaps that is what we should make this week!

  5. I love that bread so much! Love the wood plate.

  6. I could never tire of pumpkin bread! As long as it's super moist and plenty sweet, I'm down for any variation you can bake up. My standard is lightly spiced and littered with plenty of chocolate chips and toasted walnuts throughout. Just a hint of molasses gives it depth, but keeps it from tasting like straight gingerbread. Definitely craving it now!